BA(Hons) Animation

Course Overview

BA (Hons) Animation

Animators breathe life into stories, making even the simplest line drawing magically come alive, and engaging anyone in a language that is understood by all.

On the BA Animation degree you become familiar with the techniques, principles and skills that open up the world of animation. You learn to create the illusion of motion – using time, sound and form to bring images, ideas and stories to life. You take complex information and use both traditional mediums as well as new technologies to assemble meaningful narratives.

Build on your critical and analytical skills. Develop your individual voice as well as your expertise – and learn how to apply your skillset across the creative industries.

Emerge as an animator with the skills, confidence and critical thinking to dive into the growing world of professional animation.


Course Content

You’ll start the course by gaining a broad understanding of the animation process, while creating your first projects using digital and analogue techniques. You’ll take your personal practice further expanding your knowledge and exploring the historical, theoretical and social context of your subject.

You’ll spend your time in specialist studios, using industry standard equipment to hone your technical skills in a broad range of disciplines, including:

  • Fundamentals of 2D, 3D and stop motion animation
  • Storyboarding and film language for animation
  • Life drawing
  • Storytelling and direction
  • Camera, lighting and composition
  • Art direction; creating and designing characters and worlds
  • Characterization and acting for animation
  • Mixed media and experimental animation
  • New platforms, gaming, VR and installation
  • Traditional and digital production techniques and process; from idea development to delivery
  • Professional practice and business skills


You’ll have many other valuable experiences too – such as script writing exercises and opportunities to direct voice actors and puppeteers.

Through lectures, tutorials, seminars and workshops you’ll gain a deep understanding of the principles and techniques that underpin animation, learning from a team of active animators, directors and producers.

Year One

Subject: Introduction to Art and Design – 60 credits

This module emphasises on preparing you for the basic Art, Design and Media and to impart the essential knowledge and develop the skills and techniques necessary and provide insight into the Drawing, Digital imaging and basic content creation. It will also introduce you to the Narratives in visual form using the tools and techniques enabling the students to understand and incorporate the threshold concepts required for contemporary production process.

Subject: English Language – 60 credits

This module is structured to Improve overall competency across the four skills of Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking in the English language and increase Grammatical proficiency and knowledge of Literary techniques. You will be able to analyze and comprehend a creative task or set of givens, respond creatively and express these responses both elaborately as well as succinctly with adherence to proper English grammar.

  Year Two

Subject: Movement Transformation & Life – 20 credits
Subject: Storytelling – 20 credits

In your first term, the emphasis is on creative enquiry and knowledge acquisition, where you’ll explore the extent and diversity of contemporary animation practice, experimenting with techniques, practicing animation principles and developing digital skills. You’ll discover key concepts in film language, narrative and non-narrative structures, design, motion theory and team working.

Field one: Collaborate – 40 credits

Widen your horizons by joining students from other courses to collaborate on a project. You’ll take inspiration from other disciplines to build on your experience and expand your creativity – and use your skills and artistic insight to apply them to your work.

Constellation: Concept – 40 credits

This module introduces you to the wider world of ideas, theory and contextual studies to help you develop your academic research skills and critical thinking. You’ll focus on particular areas of interest in study groups and you’ll become familiar with the exciting trans-disciplinary research and expertise in Black Box Academy of Art and Technology.

Year Three

Subject: Production – 40 credits 

You’ll develop your skills and concepts within digital technology, building your understanding of the animation process and industry terminology. You’ll work on your writing skills and scripting – as well as storyboarding, time management and budgeting practices. And you’ll become accomplished at using key tools and concepts.

Field two: Explore – 40 credits*

You’ll expand your experiences with challenging projects designed to encourage you to explore and experiment outside your immediate discipline. This transformative opportunity leads to new thinking and innovation and opens up all kinds of future possibilities. You’ll take on exciting projects that challenge you in new ways. You can also choose to travel, take a work placement, start your own business or try something new.
Constellation: Critique – 40 credits

By critiquing literature, journals and exhibitions, you’ll hone your ability to put your design practice into context. You’ll also have opportunities to interact with students and staff and delve deeper into your areas of interest.

Year Four

Subject: Animation Major Project – 40 credits 

This level focuses on individual student creative development, helping you to decide the path you want to take in the future. You’ll experiment with techniques, tools and structures – consolidating the skills you need to begin your professional career or take on further study. And you’ll bring everything together to produce an animated project that reflects your learning and professional goals.
Field three: Exposure – 40 credits

Your final term is dedicated to a major project and an exhibition of your work. This is where you draw together everything you’ve learned during the course and is the launch pad to your future career.

Constellation: Contribution – 40 credits

Your practice is underpinned by your knowledge. Demonstrate your research and analysis skills in your final constellation submission, where you explore ideas in both written and practical forms.