Diploma in Advanced Integrated Animation: 2 years


To master the art and technique of 3D animation, you need to start with a solid foundation. Our course at black Box Animation Academy commences by providing an introduction to animation principles through our widely acclaimed Black Box Animation Academy Foundation Program, Basic Integrated Animation (BIA). Student’s progression to the second year Advance Integrated Animation (AIA) will train you in the art & discipline of animation principles, 3D design and fundamentals of visual effect and principles of Post-Production.

Credits of Diploma in Advance Integrated Animation course [Course code AIA] can now be transferred to institutions and colleges in New Zealand. The students can pursue Level 6 or Level 7 depending upon the proficiency they demonstrate during their course of study at Black Box Animation & VFX Academy.

Basic Integrated Animation (BIA)

BIA is a stepping stone of the two year intensive curriculum at Black Box Academy. It aims to educate students on the foundations of Art and Animation essentials to progress into an advanced animation. The subjects range from drawing and sketching, anatomy, design, digital video production, modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging and animation. This integrated nature of the curriculum at the very foundational level allows students to observe and locate their subject of primary interest. Upon completion of BIA, the students may then choose to jumpstart into next level of more advanced subject particular to their interest. BIA thus brings an opportunity for students to focus on a specific subject of interest through our Modular Specialization Course while also learning foundational skills of all aspects of 3D animation. The students may also choose to progress into 2nd Year Advanced Integrated Animation (AIA) from here.

Course Modules

  • Fundamentals of Art, Life drawing and anatomy
  • Principles of Design
  • Concept Art and Cinematography for 3D Animation
  • Digital Video Production
  • Movement and Acting
  • Digital Form, Space and Lighting
  • Principles of Character Animation

Advanced Integrated Animation (AIA)

Building on the foundations set by BIA, AIA takes the curriculum to the more advanced level allowing students to create their own script and storyboards, design characters unique to the story, layout the environment and produce their own films. The students learn the complete production procedure from beginning to the end working in the 2D or 3D medium as per their interest. This results in students graduating with a dynamic, multi-talented and extremely marketable career ready to take on challenges of the creative media industries.

Course Modules

  • Psychology of visual storytelling
  • Digital Form, Space and Lighting II
  • Character Design and Development
  • Python Scripting
  • Advanced Character Rigging and Skinning
  • Advanced Character Animation
  • Advanced Animation, VFX and Compositing
  • Final Project

The course has been structured to reflect the variety of areas within industry and blends creativity using cutting-edge technology and is taught in an environment that closely reflects industrial practices with a professional set up.

Students utilize industry standard software and resources such as:

  • Maya — Modeling, Texturing, rigging, animation & rendering
  • Mental Ray — Shading & Rendering
  • ZBrush — High detail sculpting
  • 3DCoat — Sculpting, topology, optimisation & texturing
  • Photoshop — Concept art and texturing
  • Adobe After Effects — Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Compositing
  • Adobe Premiere — Editing
  • Nuke X – Visual Effects, Compositing

Entry Requirements

The applicants would be expected to demonstrate evidence of creativity which is demonstrated through the test they may need to sit prior to enrollment. They are expected to have intermediate computer skills and have successfully completed Higher Secondary Examination, 10+2 or equivalent.

Black Box accepts applications from mature students (aged 21 and above). Work and life experiences are considered in such cases. The applicants are required to satisfy the evaluation measures with the proof of their capability to complete the programme successfully.

Black Box is also welcome to applicants without formal academic qualifications as long as the applicants are passionate and excited about the creative industry, are visually creative and love to push their creativity beyond the limit. Such applicants will be required to sit for interview and also demonstrate their ability through a portfolio of their work.

Applicants with qualification from another institution, or who have formally completed components of another qualification, must submit authorized evidence of those achievements at the time of application to Black Box Academy.

Teaching methods

Apart from formal theory lectures, the majority of time of the course lecture is spent on real world project works and software and art based workshops/guest lectures and interaction programs by renowned personalities of creative industry. Workshops and projects provide opportunity to work with peers, teachers, and media professionals within and out of Black Box. The courses aim to introduce the idea of production workflows and teamwork as required in animation and visual effects studios and to familiarize students with the ways of information gathering, arrangement and presentation so that they realize their own potential roles for future.

The courses are assessed through project work both individually and group. There are regular assessed presentations and professional juries.

Work Placement

Placements are a valuable means of establishing industrial contacts and gaining an insight into the commercial reality of a chosen discipline. We have a long history of students working with animation studios in Nepal and abroad supplementing the taught Black Box curriculum with real life on the job experience. The establishment of Fire Studios, a sister organiztion of Black Box has been providing much needed early exposure to real world creative media environment, the professional pipeline and levels expected of a 3D artist, through it’s internship programmes and placement to successful candidates.

Credit Transfer

This course offers you the opportunity to credit transfers your Diploma into a Degree Program that the Academy eventually would transition into within next six months time.