3 thoughts on “Student Of The Month (August) Showreel By Black Box Students

  1. Congratulations to Ajaya Dhungana! Where were you hiding? It was a impressive line-up of work from Ajaya and it was evident that he has put in lot of effort and dedication to his work. I want to congratulate other category winners and participants who have put in immense labor into their work !!

    Nirab Subedi and Surendra Maharjan deserves a mention for making a mark after almost vanishing into oblivion!!
    I hope we will have a bigger participation in future from those students who might want to take inspiration from the participants of the August -Students of the month!

  2. First of all i would like to thanks all of the teacher who create this kind of motivational platform it give us inspiration n welling to do something more ahead . I ‘m very honour n glad that i also can show my talent,as well as i got aware in per-production . So this is not the end . when i see the award it reminds me that ” Suresh u have to go miles away , miles away in the world of Animation before u sleep before u sleep”
    Specially thanks to Suyogya sir who fulfill our dreams comes true in real world . we highly respected n Honour u sir . thank u Agane

    1. Suresh , Keep up your good work! With technology at your doorstep, hardwork is the only thing that takes to achieve what you have set out to do.

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