2 thoughts on “Student Of The Month (September) Showreel By Black Box Students

  1. Black Box students are coming up with incredible submissions. There has been spontaneous flow of good works. There are still some significant works from our students which needs to be highlighted, In this topic I would like to mention one of our promising student from Pre-Production Sabika who has shown potential through her enigmatic art work. Likewise, Pasang has also put on his effort since the beginning yet we expect some fine improvements from his side. Being a member of Academic Council and faculty I expect all other students to come forward with lots of query regarding their works. For further feedback please put your words. Thank you.

  2. Despite the festive mood setting in coupled with the difficulty in commuting due to fuel shortage, it was a sheer display of determination and passion that saw students coming regularly to the Academy to complete the work for submission.To our surprise, the number of participants were encouraging and it woke up some sleeping giants who had enough potential but were just in slumber!Such contest sets a pace for students’ career and help them to explore creative art beyond their comfort zone challenging their limit !!
    I look forward to the next edition of this monthly contest in the first week of December.
    Lastly, I would like to extend a note of gratitude for a great effort put in by the Academic Council to make this fourth edition a great success !!

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